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Claudia Isabelle Jewelry

Claudia Isabelle’s mission is to share her love and knowledge of crystals to as many people as possible.  Five years ago, when she began working for a crystal jewelry wholesaler, she was skeptical about the benefits of crystals.  Now, she uses crystals in her daily life for, not only, the metaphysical and healing properties, but also for the purely aesthetic qualities.  While working for the wholesaler Claudia travelled to many crystal conventions and met many crystal miners—those contacts she is still grateful to have to this day.  During this time, she also learned the unfortunate truth that, as in many industries, there are unfair labor practices and misrepresentation of crystals by some vendors.  She diligently strives to ethically source all of her crystals, no matter the cost, to ensure that she only sells “clean” crystals to her customers.



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